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  • I want flooring right now By:-Ted Hart
    The benefits of marble flooring include the fact that marble has a lot of health benefits. It is already known that it doesn't contain pollutants. Which means that it instead contains healthy nutrients and minerals like the mineral magnesium, calcium and swimming pool water as well. These minerals make the marble quite healthy and vital for the human body. Therefore, people who are quite health-conscious ought to opt for getting a floor of marble done in their houses and their numerous rooms and edges. This is because of the health benefits it would provide to people.
  • Relevance of Laughter and How to Chuckle A lot more By:-Lew Simpson
    In today's globe in which the function-loads are high and no time to chill out, there is an excessive need of release that has been building up in folks! High pressure stages and elevated physical and psychological health troubles are on a continuous increase, which has remaining a great deal of men and women anxious about their personalized well-getting. There is a range of strategies and routines becoming taken up to tackle their anxiety and overall health problems and are even ready to devote huge amounts of cash on them. But, in in between all the hurry all of us seem to be to fail to remember one particular of the most evident and efficient techniques to defeat anxiety, which is laughter.
  • Ultimate Geek Meter By:-Jan Michaels
    Are you concerned that you may be a geek, but just aren't sure? Well then you should take the Ultimate Geek Meter test and find out once and for all if you should come out of that closet and embrace your geekhood!
  • You may be in love if... By:-Jan Michaels
    One of the most common human experiences that two or more (depending on how ambitious you are) people can share is love. But, itís not always easy to tell if you are in like, lust or full blown, forever loving. With that in mind, Iíve created this list of signs that you may be crazy in love!
  • You might be from a small town if... By:-Jan Micheals
    Heres some helpful information to help you decide if you fit into the "small town" mold. Remember .. theres no shame in coming from a small town ... unless everybody in town was your relative ...
  • Opposites Do Attract By:-Jan Micheals
    I've come to the conclusion (and it's only taken me 50 years) that Opposites DO Attract! Of course there has been ton's of evidence of this since time began, but being from Missouri, you have to show me the donkey before I believe there is such a thing as a donkey. Anyway, I had to laugh recently when I read an article claiming that men and women should share the same hobbies, interests and in essence be the same person for love to really have a chance to grow..
  • Amazing Trivia Part 1 By:-Jan Michaels
    I admit it .. I LIKE trivia, tho it serves no purpose for me since I can never remember any to bring up in conversation. But still, it is fun, so I've created this list of amazing trivia that I found to be absolutely riveting.
  • More things I have learned By:-Jan Michaels
    Growing old does have one benefit ... experience. So, I am continuing here to share my vast pool of knowledge. Of course my girlfriend can't resist telling me I need to clean the pool, but heres the list anyway.
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