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Six bad habits after meals will cause serious disease problems

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By : Abigail danny   99 or more times read
Submitted 2013-06-29 05:08:49

We all know that unhealthy diet may lead to a horrible disease, but often ignored some small habits after a meal, everyone knows, these humble life habits, is likely to become healthy deadly "killer."
Vices 1: Eating too fast
Reason: increase burden of gastroenteritis, leading to obesity. Many office workers for lunch, are in a hurry state to finish. Eating too fast, the food is not adequately chew is not conducive to amylase preliminary digestion in the mouth and saliva, increase the burden of gastroenteritis; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excitement, over time, susceptible to bulimia causing obesity.
Recommendation: As far as possible make the teeth and tongue move slowly, if time is really tight, then sacrifice a little time not to play cards or dozing.
Vices 2: too rich dinner
Reason: In the evening insulin levels in the blood is the peak in a day. Insulin allows glucose into fat condensed in the vessel wall and the abdominal wall, if eat too rich for dinner, over time, people will be obesity together. Meanwhile, the duration is usually longer sumptuous meal, but also damage the body's normal biological clock, people are likely to suffer from insomnia.
For office workers, dinner is almost a day's meals. Breakfast depends on "the table", it is also busy when at lunch, only at night can truly relax and sit tight at the table, to eat a big meal.
Suggestions: First, eat dinner earlier. Eat dinner early can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary calculi. Second, eat a vegetarian diet at dinner. Dinner must be vegetarian, mainly is carbohydrate-rich food, in particular, should be more intake of some fresh vegetables to minimize excessive intake of protein and fatty foods. Third, eat less at dinner. General requirements for the heat supplied at supper a day not to exceed 30% of the total dietary calories.
Vices 3: addicted to drink coffee
1, lower conception rates. A cup of coffee per person per day, the pregnancy rate is likely to fall down 50%;
2, it is susceptible to heart disease. Coffee contains a high concentration of caffeine, can change in heart function and increase cholesterol in the blood vessels,;
3, reduce work efficiency.
U.S. medical scientists found that a person drank five or more cups of coffee, their risk of heart disease is twice as high than those who do not drink, and longer time addicted to coffee, drink the more, the likelihood of heart disease is more large. Through the first 858 people 45 years old - 69 years old suffering from myocardial infarction and the same number of people who have never suffered from myocardial infarction investigation proved that drinking five or more cups of coffee a day were at increased risk of illness by 70%.
Recommendation: drink less
Vices 4: Excessive intake of edible alcohol
Reasons: Large or frequent alcohol consumption, the occurrence of alcoholism may cause liver inflammation, swelling, affect the reproductive and urinary systems.
Recommendation: first learn how to drink
Wine has the best varieties of liquor, beer, wine, from a health point of view, red wine is superior. Frenchman less has a risk of heart disease benefit from this. According to the researchers introduced, often drink red wine reduces the risk of heart disease by half.
Best time of day to drink is after two in the afternoon. Because in the morning hours, the enzymes in the stomach break down alcohol - alcohol dehydrogenase concentration is low, drinking the same amount of alcohol, more easily absorbed than the afternoon, so that the blood alcohol concentration is improved.
Alcohol can cause the liver, brain and other organs greater harm. In addition, when fasting, bedtime, cold or emotion runs high they should not drink, especially liquor, in order to avoid cardiovascular suffer.
Vices 5: smoking after meals
Reason: to make harmful substances in smoke easily enter in the body.
Smoking a cigarette after a meal, poisoning is usually greater than the sum of smoking ten cigarettes a day. Because people after having dinner, the gastrointestinal motility is strengthen, blood circulation is accelerated, when the body's ability to absorb the smoke into the "best state", the toxic substances in smoke enter the body more easily than usual, thus exacerbating the damage to human health extent.
Recommendation: non-smoking
Vices 6: do not eat breakfast
Reason: seriously hurt stomach, so you cannot work full of energy, but also easy to "look old."
Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany long-term tracking of 7000 men and women found people who have a habit not to eat breakfast are accounted for 40%, and their life span is reduction of 2.5 years more than the rest 60% an average. The other universities in a study on people aged 80-90 found that their longevity in common: eats a hearty breakfast every day.
Suggestion: Try to make delicious breakfast foods, appetizers; sufficient quantity and better quality; small size, high heat; when preparation saves time and effort.
We know that different types of food in the stomach the length of stay is not the same. Blood glucose response caused is not the same. Under normal circumstances, dry and lean foods can stay in the stomach for 4-5 hours, and liquid food due to large volume, just feel very full after eating, but very short residence time in the stomach, nutrients can't be fully digested but discharged, the rising blood sugar levels will be also quickly down, can not be sustained. Therefore, the choice of food must pay attention diluted with dry, both meat and vegetables.

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